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Easy Seafood Recipes With Camp Chef

Camping trips and outdoor cooking parties are usually laden with pork and beef steaks. And while it is true that these dishes are really mouthwatering, seafood dishes also has a punch of its own. Preparing seafood dishes is especially fun and exciting during beach tent camping trips. So to help you throw a seafood outdoor party, here are some simple Camp Chef recipes that you can use.

Butter Lemon Shrimps With Corn This dish is simple and very easy to prepare, but your eyes and tongue might deceive you into thinking otherwise. This seafood delicacy is not only colorful and attractive, but it is also truly delicious. To make this delectable dish a part of your outdoor entree, you will need about two cups of shrimp with its head and shell removed, about a cup of mixed carrots, radish, turnips, and green peas, and about a cup of corn grains.

Moving on to the cooking proper, prepare your Camp Chef gas stove and a flat surface frying pan. Melt about four tablespoons of butter and sauté chopped white onions and minced garlic cloves on it. Then add shrimps and cook until well done. And just before the shrimps are fully cooked, add the vegetables and corn. Season the dish with pepper and salt to taste and serve with butter slices on top.

White Pasta With Scallops This seafood dish has got an Italian kick to it which makes it a beautiful addition to your outdoor entrée. It is very elegant looking and yet it is very easy to prepare. To enjoy this delicious seafood delicacy on your beach tent camping trip, prepare half a kilo of flat pasta, about ten to 15 pieces scallops, chopped carrots and celeries, about four spoonfuls of cream of mushroom powder, a cup of evaporated milk, beef bacon strips, salt and pepper taste, and one spoonful of cornstarch dissolved in hot water.

To start the cooking, prepare the pasta first as per packaging instructions and set aside for a while. Then using a frying pan, sauté chopped white onions and minced garlic gloves on butter. Add the scallops before the onion and garlic turn brown and sauté until well done. Then add all the rest of the ingredients into the pan and cook until the sauce is slightly thick in consistency. Add the pasta and serve with basil garnish.

Crab And Vegetable Omelet The good thing about this dish is that your family and guests can enjoy a crab meat without having to deal with the hard shell. To prepare this dish, you will need about two cups of broiled crab meat shredded into small pieces, four large eggs, about half a cup of cubed cheese, green peas, and chopped carrots.

The key in this dish is the texture of the egg. To achieve the desired results, separate first the egg whites from the egg yolks. Briskly beat the egg whites until it becomes thick. Add again the egg yolks and all the rest of the ingredients and mix well. Then cook this dish as you would a normal omelet. It is advisable that you use butter for cooking instead of oil.

So do you find these dishes very mouthwatering? Well do not just stand there because these delicacies are very easy to prepare with Camp Chef. Make these delicious delicacies a part of you beach tent camping trip and wow your family and friends.

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